My family. My everything.


About Morgan

I’m good at engaging human beings, I always have been. I find it both natural and a delicate dance to interact with couples and families as I’m invited to a most sacred space. It’s an honor to be a part of important milestones in my client’s lives and I never take for granted sharing these moments with them. I’m a deep feeler and I believe it’s what makes me good at my job. I notice the little things and I connect emotional and physical space in a way that allows me to share a special version of your story.

I’ve made a large effort to make my career in photography less about me and more about serving my clients. This work gives me endless joy and I’m happy to support you in whatever ways I can. I’m an encourager and a friend while providing images to remind you of a time in your life you never want to forget. I’m equipped with the tools to tell the truth and I love every step of the journey you take me on.

For the past five years I’ve involved my husband David in my process as a permanent second shooter and I’m very proud of what we have turned Morgan Weber Photo into. He’s a natural observer and his ability to capture candid moments far surpasses any product I could deliver on my own. We make a wonderful team and I’m lucky to have him by my side in life and as a partner during weddings and portrait sessions. We share a beautiful son, Gideon, and a doberman pinscher named Maren in Kansas City where we call home. Go Chiefs!